What a Weekend!

Jennerator had a great weekend starting at London Pub Friday night.  The Pub was rocking - thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us.  There was even a sighting of Tim from Triadd!  (Thanks for hanging out, Tim!)  Then, Sunday at Strawberry Fest in Long Grove was a BLAST!  The weather was perfect and we had a great time playing for a great crowd.  Lots of musicians in the crowd that day, too (love y'all!!).  I saw Rob Rosenberg of The Petries and even Mister Al stopped by!  Thanks, guys!  We hung around after and enjoyed The White Saddle Band - what a great country band, and nice people, to boot!

I'll be solo at Mac's on Slade on August 1, but I'm sure you'll see my face around before then.  I"ll be making the rounds.  See you out there!  :-)

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