Thanks to Perry's!

What a FUN NIGHT last night at Perry's Pizza and Ribs in Park Ridge!  I SO enjoyed meeting the young ladies who are in their ukulele club at their school!  They listened to a uke song before we started - then THEY played the Hawaiian Christmas Song for ME - and did a fantastic job! I cannot stress this enough:  I LOVE UKERS! They are just always the coolest.  I'll be back at Perry's on January 18th, so come back again and bring your ukes!!

Also, Eli Bennett sat in and made everything sound better. He is not faint of heart, musically speaking, and I admire that greatly! And thank you to all our lovely friends who came out to support us - you guys make EVERYTHING more fun.  Hugs, kisses, and love - and Merry Christmas!  I'll see you back out there at Cary Pub on the 28th with Face-N-Time!

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