Save the date - Coleman's - November 8!!

I'm a poet, and I know it.

But first - big thanks to Wool Street in Barrington for letting us host the Jennerator Halloween Bash there!  It was great to see so many familiar faces (Thanks for coming, Pat!! I knew you were familiar and I finally put it together!)  and the guys impressed me with their costumes.  There were wigs EVERYWHERE!  I enjoyed channeling Janis Joplin, and I think it helped me sing Turtle Blues just a bit better.

Once you come down off the Halloween sugar buzz, come on out to Coleman's on Friday, November 8 and join me for a solo show!  Friday is all-you-can-eat Fish Fry at Coleman's, so come have some dinner and stay for drinks and music.  It'll be a blast. See you there!

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