3/15 - Pre-St. Patrick's Day Party at Scoreboard!

Saturday in Lake Zurich is not only two days before St. Pat's - it's also Purple Plunge day - where total maniacs in a charity frenzy JUMP INTO Lake Zurich... or rather a HOLE carved INto THE ICE covering Lake Zurich.  It's a wonderful charity event and thank goodness for kind people who do good things... BUT, I *personally* will NOT be jumping into a freezing lake.  That night, I plan to be making warm, toasty music with Lake Zurich music royalty - no kidding.  Jim Henning and James Wayman are the FAMOUS Jim and James from the Rock N Roll Grill... Lindy Alo is that awesome drummer EVERYBODY knows... No one knows me, but I'm the girl one.  :)  Seriously, super honored to be making music with these ridiculously talented guys - it is going to be a GREAT time at Scoreboard. And it will be NICE and WARM inside the bar.  Music starts at 9 p.m.  See you there!

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